is a progressive architecture and urbanism practice, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

We believe in architecture’s crucial role in forming a sustainable future.

We live in an era with austere challenges ahead of us which requires clever and quick action. Population growth, urbanization, immigration and climate change are forces constantly and rapidly reforming our global civilization. To us, architecture is a serious matter that should not get diminished to either a purely commercial service, or a sole subjective means of expression. Every building means a modification of our planet's face, which underlines the amplitude of impact that our industry has. We believe in an architecture which takes its role seriously and strives to perform well in its ecological, social, and economical context. As a result, we create architectural pieces which are profitable for our clientele, yet carefully tuned in their visual appeal, and true to their origin.

In order to better navigate the complexity of the profession and the tasks put in front of us, we make use of all tools available to us. Our curiosity about digital technology comes from the ambition to evaluate actions and convey our ideas in the most efficient way possible. We utilize the computation power in order to free up time and resources to take on higher levels of complexity. Computational Design and Building Information Modelling are therefore inherent elements of our workflow.

The digital competence however, does not restrict us from using the intuitive potential in physical means of design communication, such as scale models and hand-drawn sketch. In contrast, more possibilities open up for physical experiments with the help of digital fabrication and rapid prototyping.

Regardless of scale - from urban planning to single family housing - our approach is to find a unique recipe for each and every project. A recipe that makes the most out of any given set of ingredients: the alchemy of generating value from a few basic elements.

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