Our main agenda in this project was a connective tissue which brings the nature to Bjärred’s new centre. This was achieved by multiple programmed wedges and through blue and green corridors which interconnect natural spots and public spaces in and around the city.

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Lest week we held a lecture for our friends at Reflex Arkitekter. Kayrokh was talking about digital design methodology in architectural practice and the history of CAD/CAM developments.

Conceptual sketch for a parametric facade design based on solar heat gain.

We use VR to evaluate and verify our designs, we don’t use it solely for presentation purposes. Have a nice weekend folks ?

Arkemi invests on timber architecture knowledge. Trästad 2019 finished by an inspiring keynote lecture by Andrew Waugh from Waugh Thistleton Architects. Download the free ebook at www.thinkwood.com

Having a busy time behind we are back on track with our academic discourse sessions Arkademi. This time it's about Architecture History, for which we will follow the book "Modern Architecture: a critical history" written by Kenneth Frampton.

We start from the scratch and continue forward, for this week it's "Cultural transformations: Neo-classical architecture 1750-1900". It's a seminar setup, so we read the chapter before and discuss it together over the lunch in the office.

?? The image above is Cenotaph (empty tomb) for Sir Isaac Newton by French architect Étienne-Louis Boullée, 1784.

We are happy to introduce Arkemi's academic discourse sessions, Arkademi. It consists of a presentation/film screening followed by open discussions, Thursday lunch at our office. The subject is different every week, but focuses on architecture history and technology, as well as architectural news.

We have recently been working a lot with urban density for an exciting project of ours (coming soon), so our amazing fellow arkemist Niels has chosen Kowloon Walled City as the topic this week. Located in Hong Kong.

Kowloon used to be the most dense and ungoverned human settlement on the planet. Demolished in 1987, it housed ca 50'000 residents within its 6.4 acre borders. That's a population per acre rate of 7'888 and FAR of 12.0, exceeding any other known example.

Fero and Kay are right now at Forum Wood Building Nordic at Linnaeus University Växjö, discussing opportunities and challenges with timber architecture. Arkemi sees timber construction as a central solution for a green future!

Our CEO, Kay is in Gothenburg attending Advances in Architectural Geometry conference learning about collaborative robotic construction of lightweight timber assemblies.