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Ormbacka Gårdstun


Ormbacka Gårdstun

Järfälla, Stockholm

Shinelle Fastighetsholding

Competition Entry, 2021

Mixed housing in Timber

7000 m2
50 apartments
16 row houses

Project team
Kayrokh Moattar
Frantisek Orth
Niels Pettersson Sandmark
Sepideh Sarrafzadeh
Narges Bahari

At the roundabout Växthusvägen / Ormbackavägen we find the new district entrance: Ormbacka Gårdstun. Here we propose an expressive yet human scaled collection of timber buildings, with silhouettes that bring to mind all those greenhouses that once characterized this part of Järfälla.

Through a narrow passage in the protective and dense street side, you enter the courtyard. Here awaits a fireworks display of color, natural materials, greenery and activity. Some neighbors have gathered for a spontaneous barbecue while the children are occupied by the playground.

All buildings are constructed out of timber and clad with wood along with elements of sheet metal and brick. Timber construction is resource efficient, shortens construction times and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, timber buildings contribute to an improved working- and indoor environment.

The buildings are designed in close relation to both the courtyard and the surrounding woodlands. Storm water is partly handled openly with ditches, gutters and ponds. A green area factor of >0.6 is achieved through the high proportion of permeable and semi-permeable soil materials.

Diagram 1

1. Divide and connect: Volumes are kept small and low to adapt to the scale of the surroundings and people. Walkways are connected to the surrounding infrastructure and destination points. Bicycle parking is arranged at the outer edges, while car traffic within the plot is kept to pedestrian speeds.

Diagram 2

2. Color and form: The color scale is inspired by the surrounding elements. Larger buildings are clad with wood shingles and wood panels. Facades of row houses are partitioned by insets, over hangs, materials and color. A playful roof-scape, referencing greenhouses and old industrial buildings, creates cohesion and formal identity.

Diagram 3

3. Community and interaction: A protected, quiet and green courtyard with e.g. a playground and a communal greenhouse. Interior views are, whenever possible, directed towards the courtyard and surrounding nature. Space for small-scale businesses is provided on the ground floor along Ormbackavägen.

Diagram 4

4. Housing sizes and diversity: The neighborhood offers a diversity of housing types and sizes. Here one can find something suitable for most wallets, ages and family constellations which promotes interactions over traditional societal borders.

Diagram 5

5. Water and Greenery: The open parts of the stormwater system is designed as an active, aesthetic and multifunctional landscape element. The system also contributes to the irrigation of trees and plants and is filtered before it is released into the pond to the south.

Diagram 6

6. Parking and Noise reduction: Parking is provided for in the back yards of rowhouse(16) and in an underground garage along Ormbackavägen (33). Noise reduction measures such as sound-shielding balconies and adapted floor plans is applied where noise levels are at their highest.

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View from street