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Stockholm, Sweden

Competition entry, 2020

Modular pavilion from reused steel

50 m2

Project team
Kayrokh Moattar
Frantisek Orth
Niels Pettersson Sandmark
Sepideh Sarrafzadeh

Puls is a pavilion that showcase many of steel's fantastic properties. Steel can be bent, cut, welded and screwed together. It can be used to create complex shapes as well as straight elements. The physical properties of the material allow large spans and cantilevers with low material consumption. It is also robust and durable enough to assemble and disassemble many times.

Puls is shaped by and reminds of the place it occupies. Hötorget in central Stockholm, is a place of trade and culture - the city's pulse is constantly present here. The shape also reflects the activity inside the doors of the Concert Hall - sound waves and rhythms area allowed to spread and materialize outside its blue walls

The construction system can easily be adapted in size, shape and function by adding and rotating parts. Puls can thus occupy many different places in both city, park and countryside. In the future it can grow and take on a different, more permanent, location and fulfill another, more permanent, function.

Diagram 1

Despite its simple shape, Puls has a number of different functions. Here you can seek protection from rain, give a speech or just... be. Here you can be alone or with others - sitting, lying or standing.

Puls is not just one pavilion but several. The modular system allows freedom and flexibility. The pavilion can be expanded in all directions and in different formations without the need to adapt the construction.

Pulse's pieces are easy to handle and are assembled and disassembled quickly and easily. The heaviest part weighs only 296 kg and the entire pavilion can be packed into two packages of 3.8x1.5x0.65 meters.




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